Visions of the Arawaks

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I lived in the Caribbean Islands for 15 years. During that time my main focus in art was on the series of artworks (over 100 original pieces, predominantly in paint and pastel) that I created in honor of the Indigenous people who originally inhabited the region, the Arawak Indians. I exhibited the works in the islands and about half the collection was sold. As I like to work in series, where the experience of the body of work is greater than the sum of the parts, I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with a video studio in Manhattan to make a video of the series.

Visions of the Arawaks shows the works, along with poetry I wrote and recited and music created specifically for the video, played on aunthentic Amerindian instruments. I thought it was an opportunity to direct the exploration of a body of an artist’s work through the eyes of the artist themselves, not through the eyes and perceptions of another. The video was released in 1994 by Mystic Fire.

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