64 Dakini Oracle

Work details

Originally inspired in the mid 1970s, when I saw photographs of the 64 Yogini Temples from Orissa India, this work evolved over a decade. In the late 1970s my partner and I made The Secret Dakini Oracle which was designed around this system of energies. 64 Dakini Oracle is an evolution into a full personification of each of the energies involved.

To create the digital collage art I photographed many different women in my studio, transforming them into the archetypes that were chosen to be part of the cycle of the Divine Feminine this oracle represents. The process of manifesting this work was multi media and multi dimensional.

To see all the Dakinis, please go to www.64dakinioracle.org/gallery.html

  • 02_Sophia

  • 06_Queen-of-the-Night

  • 09_Media

  • 10_Owl-Dakini

  • 11_Spiderwoman

  • 12_Metamorpha

  • 14_Isis

  • 15_Creatrix

  • 17_Vajra-Yogini

  • 20_Kuan-Yin

  • 26_Secret-Geisha

  • 31_Phoenix

  • 42_Mercura-reflectiva

  • 47_Mystere

  • 49_Aghori

  • 51_Alchemica

  • 56_Flora

  • 60_Nurtura

  • 61_Crone-Lhamo

  • 63_Crystal-Gaia

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