Mirror Series

Work details

These are a few samples from the series of works I did while at Chelsea College of Art based on the body reflected in a matrix of mirrors. I glued mirrors – one set of square and one of triangular mirrors – onto flexible fabric and then varied their relationships to each other to offer different associated reflections of body parts. I then photographed the results or painted my model’s reflection. I worked in a variety of media on this project. Included here are: pencil drawing, gouache and oils on canvas and wood panel.

  • Drawing from mirrors

    Pencil on paper 11.75 x 14 inches 1966-9

  • Painting from mirrors

    Oil on Canvas 24 x 36 inches 1966-9

  • Study from Mirrors

    Pencil, gouache on paper 12 x 17 inches 1968-9

  • Photograph in Mirrors

    Photograph 10.5 x 6.5 inches 1968-9

  • Parallelogram Painting

    Oil on wood panel 36 x 24 inches 1968-9

  • Mirrors Study

    Pencil on card 20 x 14 inches 1968-9

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