A New Communion for Freaks, Prophets, and Witches

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I answered a call in 1970 that playwright/actress Jane Arden put out to form the first all woman theater troupe in UK and co create a theater production that would portray the current state of the feminine by digging into our own psyches to excavate the issues. After leaving art education, I was eager to work with others and understand more about the process of collaborating. I was also attracted to the performing arts as I always felt my art to have an experiential element, and I had already worked with and in the medium of film.

We called the group Holocaust and performed  A New Communion for Freaks,Prophets and Witches at the Open Space Theater in London and at the Edinburgh Festival (1971). One of the main characters I portrayed/acted out in the production was called the Shadow Man. I also walked bare breasted on stilts.

The play was well received and I was pleased to be able to present myself on stage as part of a collaborative creative work dedicated to unveiling the raw and wounded feminine psyche and the dynamics of power and oppression in a fresh and dynamic theatrical format.

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