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This video by Jane Arden and Jack Bond was an experiment in using film, and frequency/vibration as a tool of self transformation. Jane and Jack were involved with Sufi practices at this time and Vibration is an attempt to translate and convey the deprogramming and re aligning that certain spiritual practices can achieve. I was asked to visualize entering my heart and sharing what I experienced as part of the experiment.

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  • screen grabs Vibration_03

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  • screen grabs Vibration_06

  • screen grabs Vibration_07

  • screen grabs Vibration_08

  • screen grabs Vibration_09

  • screen grabs Vibration_10

  • screen grabs Vibration_11

  • screen grabs Vibration_12

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  • screen-grabs-Vibration_01

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_02

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_03

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_04

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_05

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_06

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_07

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_08

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_09

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_10

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_11

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_12

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_13

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_14

  • screen-grabs-Vibration_15

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