Self Portraits & Other Drawings

Work details

A few of the pencil drawings I have done of myself over the years. The first two include leaf rubbings in the work, employing ‘frottage’ in homage to Max Ernst.

I did a series photographic series on the theme of Ophelia (see Photography/Ophelia), and made a Tabletop dedicated to her. Here I envision myself as her, blissfully opening the lotus of my third eye.

Owl Woman is an experimental drawing. I had made owl masks and here I was blending my own face with the owl, as if we were two objects occupying the same space.

  • Penny as Daphne

    Pencil & crayon on paper, drawing & leaf rubbings 17 x 17 inches 1975

  • Self Portrait with Leaves

    Pencil on paper, with leaf impressions 11 x 13 inches 1975

  • Penny as Ophelia

    Pencil on paper 16 x 12 inches 1975

  • Penny as Owl Woman

    Pencil on paper 9 x 9 inches 1974

  • Self Portrait

    Pencil on paper 12 x 17 inches 1984

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