Dakini Versions & Other Collages

Work details

A selection of my digital collages. Some are versions of the Dakini series, some are part of a project called Ecstatic Portals. Having been a collage artist for most of my artistic career, I could not resist the scope and dimension that opened up for the collage artist in the digital programs. I have worked mainly in Photoshop, incorporating techniques from Painter only later on.

  • 01_African-Portal

  • 02_Prayer

  • 03_Alien-Love

  • 04_Spiritwalker

  • 05_Head-of-Nefertiti

  • 06_Nefertiti_02

  • 07_Mystere_version

  • 08_Oriental-portal

  • 09_Cherry-Blossoms-&-Falling-Leaves

  • 10_Gilded-Temple

  • 11_Celestial-Dakini

  • 12_Inspira_version

  • 13_Saraswati_version_1

  • 14_Algaea_version_1

  • 15_Liquida_version

  • 16_Mercura-Reflectiva_Version

  • 17_Pelle_version_1

  • 18_Vajrayogini_painter

  • The-broken-Column-of-Humane-ity

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